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Satish TungareSubject of Basic Design is as such a fairly difficult subject to teach, especially to First Year Architectural students. Nevertheless, this is also a very essential subject. In my opinion there are few good teachers for this subject. In several colleges all over India, this subject is generally dealt and taught in an arbitrary manner. There are no textbooks or guides available for this subject as this subject primarily deals with the aspects of visual design and aesthetics. Shirish Sukhatme, Professor of Basic Design has developed the website and also documented the work of passed students. Certainly, I feel that the contents of this website and four theoretical chapters therein, will be of great help to Architectural students as well as teachers.

Satish Tungare
(Ex-Principal of Sir J.J. College of Architecture)


Prof. Shirish Sukhatme has struck an eloquent chord in the Education & Appraisal of architecture with, 'Art-in-Architecture', a comprehensive, significant & pioneering presentation "said well" and "said well with eloquence!" I have known Prof. Sukhatme for the past two decades as a passionate teacher of 'Basic Design' in Design schools; and having seen his electronic presentation on the subject, a lifetime of good teaching, organization, academic work of design, studentship and assimilative growth lay honestly bare in front of me in a semantic capsule of information that startled with sheer quality.

Prof. Sukhatme's presentation is a must-see for Architects, Architect-educators and Design professionals. It has come at a time that is apt to receive positive changes of 'far-reaching' consequences in Architectural Academics & dynamics of professional Architecture in India. His work is respectful in the backdrop of sparse and sedentary contributions of academics in Independent India, and the challenges dedicated and novel academic projects face in our country. Technically slick with well-designed interface, 'Art-in-Architecture' will go a long way in educating our sensibilities and inspiring our potentials!

Vijay Sohoni
Principal, CANS, Nasik, Vice-President, COA, New Delhi


Sarayu AhujaShirish Sukhatme's CD version of Basic Design carefully categorized into theory, work, style and application is a work of experience and labour of many years of teaching and I am sure it would be very useful not only to students but also to other instructors of design. I am glad it is there and available in this form.

Design is an open-ended subject; it is not definitive: there are new things happening to design all the time, and there are more things to unlearn. This is the first step in this direction.


Sarayu Ahuja



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